Mariya Ortynska will be the lecturer of the UСU IT Law School - IPSTYLE Spark it!
27 Лютого 2020

Mariya Ortynska will be the lecturer of the UСU IT Law School

In frameworks of the IP in IT module, IPStyle managing partner Mariya Ortynska will give lectures for participants of the certificate program in IT Law at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Mariya will speak on how IP can benefit for IT companies, what IP objects can they possess, and how to protect them adequately.

IT trademarks

  • What are the trademark types?
  • How to register TM, and what does it give? Is it possible to not register a TM at all? Peculiarities of the national registration procedure and Madrid one.
  • Discuss disputes between the giants of the market.

Triad of patents: invention, utility model, industrial design

  • What to patent in IT?
  • What is the difference between inventions and utility models?
  • How to register a patent in Ukraine, Europe and the USA?
  • What are patent wars and patent trolling, and how to deal with them?

Licensing contracts for industrial property

  • What are these contracts, and what are their essential conditions?
  • What difficulties may arise and how to solve them?

The organizers of the certificate program in IT Law are the UCU Law School in partnership with the Ukrainian Bar Association and the Yurydychna Gazeta.

The program will help to increase practical skills level of lawyers and representatives of the IT business. The experts and teachers of the program will be leading lawyers, top managers of legal and IT companies.

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