10 Серпня 2021


1 августа IPStyle исполнилось 14 лет!

This year for us, as well as all previous ones, was full of achievements: dozens and hundreds of interesting projects, "high-profile" cases, professional recognition by national and international ratings, moot courts, webinars, events, and much more. The year was not without challenges. We had to adapt to the "new reality", change and improve. And we succeeded!

On August 9 we celebrated the Birthday of IPStyle! And we want to share with you a part of our celebration.

We decided to make a birthday dinner together with the whole team. We chose dishes of Georgian cuisine, which suited perfectly for our evening! Each of us had his own task in the kitchen, and the whole process was guided by our chef. To say that we all succeeded and it turned out delicious is nothing to say! We even overheard that our dishes were tastier than in Georgia! Teamwork and team spirit played a major role in our culinary success. We had a culinary team-building event of our own!

And outside of the kitchen, every member of our team makes an important and essential contribution to the company's success every day, not to mention personal growth! We are grateful to everyone and happy to work together! Congratulations to everyone on our shared holiday!

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